South County volleyball club

Whether you’re looking for competitive teams, Junior Spiker programs, specialized clinics, or even a Volleytot program – your boys and girls belong here!


We advance the personal and athletic development of each club member. We teach fundamental skills and teach the importance of work, individually and as a team. In doing so, we fuel the competitive spirit in each athlete and create a positive team atmosphere in which individuals thrive while building unity and togetherness. We prepare our athletes to compete at the club, high school, and collegiate level by making every effort to assist our athletes in achieving their individual volleyball goals.


• When are the club team seasons?

Girls: Tryouts for our girls’ teams are in October. Team practices begin in November and tournaments start in January and go through the end of April.

Boys: Tryouts for our girls’ teams are in July. Team practices begin in August and tournaments start in September and go through the end of December.

• What are the costs for club teams?

Season costs range between $1,000-2,000 and include tournament fees and uniform costs. 

• How many times a week do teams have practice?

Teams practices are twice a week and will be between 1.5-2 hours depending on the team.

• What is the difference between National and Regional teams?

National Teams: Travel to tournaments both out of state and regionally. Out-of-state tournaments are sanctioned by USA Volleyball and require a USA membership. This is a separate membership fee from the AAU membership that is purchased for local events. Out of state tournaments are 3-day events and will REQUIRE Sunday play. Each out of state tournament will be an additional $500-$550 per girl added to the published base price for the season. This will cover the cost of travel (unless flights are required), lodging, tournament fees, and coaches fees.

Regional Teams: If your child is selected for a regional team they will participate in local tournaments only. These teams will not travel out of state. All tournaments will be somewhere along the Wasatch Front. There will be no additional costs beyond the published base price for each age group. The number of tournaments they will attend will vary depending upon the age group they are participating with.

• Is there a sibling discount?

Siblings that are placed on competitive teams (regardless of age) will receive 10% off their total combined season price.

Sibling discounts do not apply to Junior Spikers, VolleyTots, and clinics.

• What age group does my athlete tryout for?

The age your athlete is on July 1st is the age group they will be playing in.